Connect your DisplayPort device to HDMI, VGA and DVI projectors or displays via UPTab adapters. We provide simple and effective solutions for multi monitor environment including 3 Monitors with support for 4K at 60Hz. Lots of DisplayPort converters, adapters and cables to connect to older projectors or displays.


HDMI to DisplayPort 4K Active Adapter


Overview:Use the new HDMI To DisplayPort Active Adapter to connect your PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One to a DisplayPort monitor effortlessly.Any HDMI enabled Ultrabook, laptop, desktop, and even Raspberry Pi 3 Model B connect to a DisplayPort of a...


Mini DisplayPort 1.2a to 2-Port DisplayPort 4K Adapter

€41.71 €36.27

OverviewThe UPTab Mini DisplayPort 1.2a to 2x DisplayPort 4K Adapter allows a computer to connect to an DisplayPort™ UltraHD display, even without an DisplayPort port on the computer. This adapter is ideal for those engaged in high level...