Multiple Display Adapters - Connect multiple displays to your device, for more screen space and the ability to multitask more easily. UPTab's selection of multi-display adapters has many display options for you to choose from.


USB-C Docking Station

€108.41 €72.83

Description:Create the ultimate multimedia workstation using the USB-C Docking Station. This device is designed with a range of highly convenient features ideal for those who need to quickly and efficiently get work or projects completed. As the...


USB-C Hub 7-in-1 Ultra HD 4K

€63.72 €54.61

Description:Take this convenient USB-C Hub Adapter with you anywhere you go - to work, the library, office, and anywhere else you use your USB-C compliant devices. With an advanced range of features, this adapter transforms the way you traditionally...


USB-C to 2-Port HDMI 4K Adapter

€41.86 €36.39

Description:If you often engage in high-level computing, including gaming, then you might appeal to the USB-C to 2-Port HDMI™ UltraHD 4K Adapter. This supports the connection between a computer and UltraHD displays, providing outstanding...